Arterial Network African Culture Fund (ACF): Call for Proposal for Logo and Graphic Charter (2000 € Prize)

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Apply for Arterial Network African Culture Fund (ACF) Call for proposals for logo and graphic charter. Application deadline: January 31, 2018

The African Culture Fund (ACF) is a transnational and continental fund established to support Africa’s creative and cultural industries’ sector. The vision of the Fund is to ensure the prosperity of the creative sector through the
professionalization of artists and cultural actors. It is bold, inclusive and accessible for all Africans.

The Fund seeks to professionalize of the creative sector, promote cultural entrepreneurs, artists, cultural professionals and socio-economic and cultural organizations producing cultural goods and cultural service providers.

The purpose of this call is to create the Fund’s logo and graphic design based on the understanding and interpretation of the Institution’s positioning elements. The logo and the graphic charter of the Fund must reflect its values and register with ambition and elegance in the international landscape of institutions / organizations evolving in the field of culture.


This call is widely open to the following professionals: designers, graphic designers, communication agencies, individually or collectively.
The conditions of participation in this competition are the following :

  • The projects must be original creations of the candidates and must in no way be inspired or derived from existing or third-party works, registered trademarks or images protected by copyright;
  • Subject to the respect of his moral rights, the laureate expressly assigns to the Fund the intellectual property rights pertaining to his work. This assignment is granted on an exclusive basis;
  • Unless prohibited by law, any participation in this call will be deemed acceptance by the successful candidate to authorize the use of his name, portrait and any other element proposed for advertising / promotional purposes without any compensation;
  • The Fund has the right to modify the logo and graphic charter selected according to the real needs of the Institution;
  • The decisions of the Selection Committee will be final.


The selected project will receive a prize of one thousand euros (1000 €) for the logo and one thousand euros (1000 €) additional for the graphic charter, accompanied by a diploma.
The Fund has the right to declare the call for proposals unsuccessful if it considers that it has
not received any deserving project.

Specific Conditions

  • The logo and graphic charter must embody the mission and vision of the Fund;
  • The logo must be resizable enough to fit on other visual and communication media of the Fund, while maintaining the liveliness of its colors.

Procedure and Delivery time of Projects

  • The file can only be sent electronically to or by transfer (Google Drive, Dropbox, Wetransfer, etc.).
  • The sending of the file must be done by mentioning in the subject: “Call for proposals for logo and graphic charter / African Culture Fund (ACF)”, specifying in the message the transfer service used (Google Drive, Dropbox, Wetransfer, etc.). The Fund will confirm the download of the file. The Fund is not responsible for download difficulties
  • Deadline: The estimated deadline for the receipt of projects is January 31, 2018. This deadline should allow potential candidates to consult, conceptualize, develop and send their projects.

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