Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) Scholarships for Foreign Artists in Germany, 2017

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The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD is proud to offer scholarships for foreign artists. These scholarships are available in the field of Fine Art, Design, Film, Music, and Architecture as well as Drama, Direction, Dance, and Choreography.

These study scholarships aim to provide foreign applicants from the field of Fine Art, Design, Film, Music and Architecture as well as Drama, Direction, Dance and Choreography with an opportunity to complete a course of extension studies, without gaining a formal degree of qualification, at a German state (public) or state-recognized institution of higher education.

The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD is the largest German support organization in the field of international academic co-operation.

Course Level: These scholarships are available for artists.

Study Subject: These scholarships are awarded in the field of Fine Art, Design, Film, Music and Architecture as well as Drama, Direction, Dance and Choreography.

Scholarship can be taken in Germany.


Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • As a rule, scholarships for the attendance of a course of extension studies are awarded to applicants who have exhausted the training possibilities available to them in their home country and have – as far as possible – concluded these studies with an appropriate degree. No more than six years should generally have passed between the time when they gained their degree and the time of this application;
  • Applicants who have been residents in Germany for longer than one year at the time of application cannot be considered.

Nationality: Foreign applicants are eligible for these scholarships.


The DAAD will pay a monthly scholarship of 750 EUR. As a rule, the scholarship additionally includes certain payments towards health insurance cover in Germany. In addition, the DAAD generally will pay an appropriate flat-rate travel allowance, unless these costs are covered by the home country or by another funding source. Furthermore, the DAAD will pay a study allowance and, where appropriate, a rent subsidy and family allowance.



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