Earn.com – Making Bitcoins Profits from Tasks and Consultancy Emails

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Earn.com is a platform that lets you make money (in bitcoins) online by taking small tasks, receiving emails and offering services in a consultancy role.

According to the guys at Earn.com, they have made it possible to use digital currency to send and receive targeted, paid microtasks.

Earn.com can be seen as a social network that pays you  for answering emails (from your contacts or those needing your services) and completing small tasks online.

Previously 21 Inc, the company sold bitcoin mining hardware which they have discontinued and now, focusing  on a cryptocurrency-powered social network.


How does Earn really work?

Once you setup an account with Earn.com, you will be taking through a verification process. Once you are verified, then you can make money (bitcoins) from the platform in a number of different ways.

Members of the network can create a public profile which allows them to be emailed by anyone on the Earn network and they get paid for responding to those emails. Most times, the guys in the network contact you for business or consultancy reasons. Users  can join lists of people with similar skills such as Software Engineers, Marketing Professionals and a lot more.

Please note, you only get paid when you respond to those emails and not just for reading them.

Click here to visit the Earn.com website for more information