EECAAC (Eastern Europe and Central Asia Conference) Scholarship Programme, 2018

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Full scholarship covers:

  1. Registration fee
  2. Roundtrip travel expenses (plane/train tickets) from place of residence to Conference
  3. Hotel accommodation for the duration of the Conference
  4. Roundtrip transfer from the airport to the hotel (shuttle)
  5. Roundtrip transfer from the hotel to the site of the Conference (group)

Total number of scholarships: 700

Only delegates from Eastern Europe and Central Asia may apply. The scholarship is intended for:

  1. Applicants who have limited or no ability to pay for Conference-related expenses on their own
  2. Applicants who made a special contribution to the Conference program on their own behalf or on the behalf of the group they are representing

Candidates for scholarship:

  1. Members of the Organizing and Program Committees and their alternates (if they have applied for a scholarship)
  2. Speakers and panelists who have applied for a scholarship, sessions’ chairmen, moderators, seminar coaches (1 scholarship per seminar)
  3. Healthcare workers (including related areas such as narcology, phthisiology)
  4. Employees of public non-profit organizations and foundations, social workers, psychologists, outreach and peer educators, representatives of vulnerable groups
  5. Scientists, young scientists

Not eligible for scholarships:

  1. Employees of commercial organizations
  2. Employees of non-profit organizations-donors
  3. Employees of international and intergovernmental organizations, international development agencies, UN agencies
  4. Citizens of countries outside the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (except for the members of the organizing and program committees, rapporteurs and panellists, sessions’ chairmen, moderators and seminar coaches)

No more than three (3) members of one organization located in the same city may receive scholarships.


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