ImagineH20 2018 Accelerator

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Apply for the Imagine H2O 2018 Accelerator.

Deadline for applications: November 1, 2017. Register your pre-application today. If eligible, you will receive access to the 2018 application portal.

Any company offering a solution that meets our qualifications is welcome to apply. In particular, we are seeking innovative solutions from anywhere in the world that represent a step-change in progress against the following issues in municipal, agricultural and industrial markets:
Scarcity & Resilience – Increased reliability, safety, and security of access to clean water
Water Efficiency – Reduction of the water intensity of industry and agriculture
Utility Operations – Cost-effective upgrades in infrastructure, maintenance, supply chain, and operational performance
Monitoring & Treatment – Improved treatment and testing of water and wastewater streams
Data & Analytics – Improved management, analysis and communication of water data

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