TED Fellows Program 2018, Canada

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Apply for The TED Fellows Program 2018 in Canada


The TED Fellows program provides transformational support to an international community of 436 visionaries who collaborate across disciplines to create positive change around the world.


Application tips

Before filling out your TED Fellowship application, please review these tips. They’re designed to help you submit your best application possible.

Be concise
Quality trumps quantity. We’re looking for as much information about you as possible, but we purposely don’t give you a lot of space. That’s because we’re more interested in what you have to say than how you say it. Please also be mindful of our character limits, which include spaces.

Non-traditional education welcome
The TED Fellowship is not an academic fellowship. Your class rank or your GPA holds little weight. We want to see you in full-force action — what you’ve done, what you’re currently working on and what you want to achieve or create in the future. A formal education is not necessary if you have done something remarkable.

Don’t be afraid to brag!
Tell us about your accomplishments and what makes you exceptional. We’re choosing from a very talented pool of applicants so we encourage you to be brave and stand out from the crowd. Share all of your most impressive projects — from new inventions and innovations to ground-shaking research or activism.



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