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Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur with a great business idea, but you don’t know how to start and bring it to life? Are you a business innovator with entrepreneurial skills who is still searching for your dream job position? In both cases Toronto Business Academy is an excellent springboard for you. With a combination of interactive lectures focusing on entrepreneurship and international business and guest speakers, mentors and coaches who are leaders in Canadian industry, you will be able to develop practical business skills you will need to start up your career. Want to learn how to develop and pitch your business idea in front of real investors? Or maybe are you interested in experiencing the everyday business environment of successful companies like Twitter, Linkedin, Toronto Stock Exchange…?

About the Program

Unlike regular summer business schools, participating in Toronto Business Academy teaches you how to function efficiently in a dynamic, fast changing International business environment.

Throughout the summer program you will work on different market cases that aim to improve your analytical and leadership skills. However, the whole program revolves around a core strategic learning task: Business plan competition. Yes, you will have the opportunity to devise and develop a unique business plan for your breakthrough idea! In small groups you will go through and learn all the steps from market analysis to financial plans and strategy that lead to an excellent business plan. Finally, you pitch your plan to potential investors and leaders in the Canadian industry, who in this case have the role of judges.

Our summer business academy in Toronto gives you the opportunity to gain insights into the functioning of the highly competitive North American market. Besides learning a lot about the American business environment, you will have a chance to visit some of the world’s largest companies like Twitter, BMO, LinkedIn, Toronto Stock Exchange etc.

Are you up for some fun? Of course we will give you some space to play hard after you work hard! You will be located on campus in downtown Toronto, so you will get to experience student life “the American way”. Besides, the program schedule is designed to give you plenty of time for fun adventures, getting to know the largest Canadian city and its vibrant nightlife.



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